Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's April 12th already??!!?

First off, good morning Everyone! :)

Second, I just HAVE to tell you what just happened about 10 minutes ago. My dog Milo just pulled the typical classic puppy move and it was so damn cute! You know, the one where you find the dog in the washroom covered in toilet paper, only to see a tattered up roll left in the dispenser....yep, that one. :) I heard some crazy noises coming from somewhere in the direction of the washroom, but it wasn't loud and I was thinking of other things at the when I finally got there to see, Milo was very happily prancing through tattered toilet paper and of course a streamer of it just HAD to covering his face slightly to make it all THAT more cute...making it THAT much harder to give him shit...hahaha. But I did, and he stopped and I will just be happy in the memory of it.

And off to more happy news...I went clothes shopping last night to prove to myself that I've still got it. Oh ya baby...LOL! See, this project at work saps all of my time lately and let's just say that I've seen some poundage coming on. So, I bought the type of clothes that hide it AND that will make me feel better because I will be fashionable. That's what always works for me and before I can blink, I've lost the extra padding that I've put on because I feel good about myself.

I swear, I don't even recognize myself from even a year ago. I used to have short hair and glasses...and when I say short, I mean S H O R T. ;) I really liked it at the time, and I still really do enjoy a good short do on most people, but it was time for me to grow it out. I am now able to wear my hair up without a zillion bobby pins...w00t! So ya, I bought a dress, a black trench coat (OMG), a brown very sleek and stylish suit jacket with drawstring, a skirt, new tights, and some really cute sweaters. I ALWAYS have to wear full clothing at work...summer and winter. I am always freezing there, so it's all about layers for me. In the summer I'm dressed for winter inside work and then the layers come off as I venture outside. It's annoying to say the least. :P

So ya, I'm going to have to work lots of overtime to pay for all of the expenses coming up with the new puppy, summer tires, yearly vet bills for the other pets...but it will work itself always does. I hardly ever buy myself clothes and my wardrobe was really lacking, so it was definitely time. H&M RULES by the way. I found everything I needed there, except for the tights and shoes. The things that made me the happiest shopping there were as follows:

No salespersons hounding me. I found everything myself.
The change rooms had two mirrors so that you could see the front AND back all at once.
The prices are MORE than reasonable.
They have every colour arrangement you can think of.
They don't try to sell you stuff because they KNOW they're stuff just sells on its no cheesy conversations with salespeople...GOD that was awesome!
And they size their clothes properly AND make clothes to fit REAL woman...Amen!

So, it's been fun while it lasted. I miss you all and I hope to get myself organized soon so that more of you know where I am now AND to get out and visit you at your places to say hi! :)

Have a great one Everyone! HUGS!


HMBT said...

Hey Chickola! Naughty fur baby...hehehe...I bought some new sexy shoes for my opening tonight...I have not had new shoes in three years, except for house I am so stoked! They are super sexy....mate man says he can't look right at them! :)
Have a great day, love to you!

Pinky said...

OH! Shopping sounds wonderful! But I promised myself no new clothes until some of the weight comes off! Tomorrow is weigh day number 2 and I'm a little nervous.

I'm glad that even though you are crazy busy, you sound happy and healthy. HUGS and much love to you!!